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As a real estate investor for several years Paul Rush saw the need for a property management company that was more investor centric in its approach. A company that does more than just send a rent check and a report in the mail to its owners. He wanted a company that understood and could help owners better understand and manage their investments, providing actionable data they could use. In 2014 Augusta Rental Homes was born and has been a growing business since then.

The focus has been to deliver a top tier level service to the tenants and the owners without over complicating the process. Easy to understand terms, simple fee structure, honesty and transparency are all part of the core values that Augusta Rental Homes tries every day to deliver to our tenants and owners. We are actively involved in NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers) and stay current on the latest property management industry trends as well as try to innovate on our own. Our mission is to always be good stewards of the asset, respecting both the tenant and the owners interests in the property. In doing so we know that the value we can bring will be the very best that we can offer every step of the way.

Meet the Team

Deborah Watson » Office Manager & Commercial Property Manager
Picture of Deborah Watson
Deborah is the Office Manager for Augusta Rental Homes. Having been a part since 2015 she truly knows the business inside and out. As Office Manager, some of Deborah’s primary responsibilities include ensuring all payments are properly made and recorded, bills are paid on time and all office functions operate smoothly and efficiently. Deborah also serves as our Commercial Property Manager and maintains excellent relationships with all of our commercial tenants and leasing agents. You can find Deborah at her office in Richmond Self Storage where in addition to all of her other responsibilities she manages a 160 unit self storage facility! Previously Deborah served as a General Manager at a prominent retailer and worked with collections in a financial services company. She leans on her previous experience to continue to deliver excellent and professional service to our residents, tenants and vendors.
Jason Wiles » Maintenance Coordinator
Picture of Jason Wiles
Jason joined the Augusta Rental Homes team in 2017 and currently serves as the Maintenance Coordinator. One of the toughest positions in any property management company is being responsible for addressing resident and tenant concerns as quickly as possible and ensuring that there is minimal disruption to their schedule. Jason takes tremendous pride of the work that he and his team do every day. From performing simple tasks to complex plumbing and other jobs you can count on Jason and his staff to get the job done. As a landlord himself Jason understands the impact that maintenance can have on a tenant as well as an owner so he constantly makes sure that he is a good steward of both interests.
John Savoy » Maintenance
Picture of John Savoy
John started with Augusta Rental Homes in 2017 making the transition to full time in 2018. As our lead maintenance tech, John’s skills encompass about every issue you might find in a property. From being able to address electrical and plumbing issues, to more minor fixes of woodworking, John’s versatility helps Augusta Rental Homes not only respond and fix issues quickly but also allows us to to keep most of our work orders “in house” as to pass cost savings on to our owners. Most notably, John is a certified HVAC tech and has been tremendous in helping keep HVAC service and replacement costs down and minimizing unit down time as to not affect our tenants any more than necessary.
Celvin Hernandez » Maintenance
Picture of Celvin Hernandez
Celvin is the longest tenured Augusta Rental Homes employee having worked with Paul before the first rental was even acquired. Celvin is an excellent painter, can do sheetrock, small electrical and plumbing and much more. Not only does Celvin work on the Maintenance as needed but he also helps Rob on different projects that can utilize his skillset again helping us keep some costs lowered by using internal labor. Celvin is always ready to work and enjoys being a part of the Augusta Rental Homes family.
SmartReno » Project Management
Picture of SmartReno
SmartReno is a third party renovation company that services property managers hedge funds in Georgia and South Carolina. The SmartReno team has renovated cumulatively over 1,000 homes, managing the project from start to finish and providing excellent service at highly competitive prices. Augusta Rental Homes uses SmartReno to service renovations as well as larger turnover projects that are not a good fit for our in house teams. As a result of years of combined experience in working together, Augusta Rental Homes is able to provide quality project management services at excellent prices, helping their investors maximize returns.
Hampton Duvall » Leasing Specialist and Resident Services Coordinator
Picture of SmartReno
Hampton joined the Augusta Rental Homes team in 2019. Having expressed an interest in real estate early on, Hampton chose to work with Augusta Rental Homes to continue to learn about the complexities of investment real estate. Currently serving as a Leasing Specialist and Resident Services Coordinator, Hampton is responsible for screening applicants, leasing the units, coordinating move ins, scheduling move outs, and lease renewals for our residential units.
Jaron Bergeron » Director of Operations
Picture of Jaron Bergeron
Jaron has been a part of growing Augusta Rental Homes since 2014. As Director of Operations his role is all encompassing but understands that each team member must be empowered to perform the role they have without unnecessary interference. With Augusta Rental Homes his focus is to continue to improve service for our residents, tenants, and owners. Jaron’s most notable previous experience involves being a division leader for a national hedge fund that purchased and managed thousands of rental properties across different 20 markets. Jaron is a two time graduate of Mercer University where he earned his BBA in Management and Finance as well as later obtained his MBA focusing in Operations Management. Leveraging his previous experience and education, Jaron strives to refine our processes in a way that increases efficiency as well as continues to improve our service to all users.
Paul Rush » President
Picture of Paul Rush
Paul began his real estate career in college working for builders and home flippers in his home town of Augusta. After having spent summers learning each step of the process Paul graduated Mercer University early with a BBA in Finance and Spanish and then began flipping houses in Augusta. While back in Augusta Paul earned his MBA from Augusta University as he starting his own investing in real estate. Several successful projects later he acquired his first small multi-family property and has not looked back since. Transitioning from flipping to being more focused on learning what makes a great rental Paul is obsessive when it comes to understanding the numbers and all of the complexities that need to be accounted for. When it comes to Augusta Rental Homes Paul’s guiding philosophy is to provide more than just a place to live but to provide a home for our residents.

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